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Our eCommerce website is developed specifically to sell products and/or services that must be purchased remotely via web technology and without a direct physical approach. By means of a personalized study, our programmers will be able to develop a platform that adapts to the needs of online sales.

  • Business consulting included
  • Products photoshoot
  • Encryption code for secure gateway
Who needs to sell products/services
  • Manageable products
  • Commercial variables for online sells
  • Categories, taxonomies and tags filtering
  • Automatic HTML5 mail template for main actions
Help for selling
  • Order management
  • Seller page management training

E-mail reports
Update about the project
Twice a month
For your workflow timeline
Face-to-face revisions
Let’s talk about it
3 meetings
Tech support
Phone direct line and technical intervention

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    Website development

    • Front-end layoutbased on company logic, to finalize a well-filterable online sale of its products/services
    • Colorssolid, soft and dynamic
    • Mediaraster, vector and open layered with jpg, bmp, webp, png, pdf, ico, static svg, psd, ai, indd, eps, tiff, xml, mp3, mp4, ogg, skp, max, dwg and p7m
    • Internal structurevia composer, parallel cores and extentions
    • Textsprovided by the client
    • Duplicationweb structure management for a foreign language
    • Parallel coresWooCommerce, EasyCart, OpenCart
    • Functions
      • blog section
      • contact form
      • social share
      • search bar
      • shopping cart
      • checkout
      • wish list
      • comparative tables
    • Photos
      • images provided by the customer
      • technical post-production
      • photo shooting for 50 products with a maximum volume of 1m³ each. The products can be sent to the Italy-based technical team, or a separated quote must be made for travel, room and board of the photographic team
      • integration of the photographed products in the web layout
    • FontsGoogle fonts and custom fonts
    • Codehtml5, css3, php and javascript
    • Items
      • mega menu divided by categories
      • compilation by product quantity
      • promotional stretch sliders
      • compilation of structured data for SEO
      • Google Maps integration
      • Google My Business card creation
      • sitemap for products and categories
      • order process e-mail template creation

    E-mail technologies

    • E-mail creationup to 30 mailboxes
    • Outgoing e-mailsup to 200/hr per domain
    • Securityantivirus and spam filter
    • Interventiontests run in a local environment and beta version release, through remote control or direct, based on necessities
    • Assistancephone or app assistance


    • Updatesrefurbishing operation through the Spray for total restyling or minor updates via technical intervention


    • Web architects2x
    • Back-end developers2x
    • Shop managers1x

    Methods and timing

    • Communication with the teamdirect through face-to-face revisions, remotely, via e-mail and shared files
    • Development, hardware, software and e-mailwithin the above listed parameters
    • Application managementissued in limited form to the customer for blog section, products, reviews and users management. The technical department will monitor for the resolution of any safety problem
    • Service activation30 days
    • Delivery in150 days

    Hardware & software

    • IT systemVPS or dedicated srv space
    • Domains1 domain for 1 main application with 3 subdomains for presentation landing development
    • Space
      • 10GB for application
      • 5GB for e-mails
    • Security certificateOV certificate installation
    • SoftwareWordPress CMS or Magento
    • vCPU1.5
    • vRAM1.5GB
    • I/O1536KB/s
    • Inode500.000
    • Control toolcPanel or terminal
    • Managed tools
      • file management
      • backup up to 30 days
      • rewrite for hide code
      • mail forwarding server
      • web url redirects
      • automatic replies
      • e-mail filters
      • php MyAdmin
      • MySQL database
      • Memcached
      • Cloudflare
      • CSS and Js minify
      • Google Search Console
      • Google Analytics
      • Imunify360
    • Manageable tools
      • access to the CMS for media management, post categories, promos and blog articles
      • access to the management panel for products, users and reviews
    • Post-development assistance
      • e-mail configuration
      • automatic replies programming
      • e-mail delisting
      • e-mail log
      • user access log

    Purchase options

    • Physical productsitems that can be shipped to the customers
    • Virtual productsused for products that represent unmaterial items
    • B2Cused to indicate consumer products and services
    • B2C + B2Bused to indicate consumer products and services + items that are intended for business to business relationships
    • InternationalB2C eCommerce platform will be configured for 4 different markets
    • MultichannelB2C eCommerce platform will be configured for 4 different markets + the products will be linked to different marketplaces

    Legal information

    • Cookiesdevelopment of a dedicated page and information banner insertion
    • Data treatmentinformation on the use of collected data provided by the customer
    • Responsible for processingLANGA
    • Propertythe work property is entitled to the client only
    • Rentthe client won’t have the exclusive rights on the work that has been developed, but a License of use will be issued
    • Selling termsinformation on the sale conditions provided by the client

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    Commercial fields

    Generic company

    Type of purchase

    Property, Rent

    What is it

    %COM is a professional tool that has been created to coordinate online sales, allowing users who manage the platform to have complete control over the items and sales policies. Its layout is based on company logic, to finalize a well-filterable sale of its products/services online.

    Who is it for

    Our %COM package has been designed for those who need a safe and functional eCommerce platform for the online sale of their products/services. Those who choose %COM have understood how much potential online commerce can have and are ready to exploit it by purchasing this Cube.

    What is it for

    The %COM Cube represents the LANGA eCommerce development peak. Being equipped with many features, %COM represents the best service for the creation of an eCommerce platform.


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    Mohamed Kali Ham
    Mohamed Kali Ham
    8 June 2021

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    8 June 2021

    Thank you Mr. Kali Ham

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    For a sales boom

    With a business logics-based layout, %COM is a professional tool that has been created to coordinate online sales, allowing users who manage the platform to have complete control over their items and sales policies. The main characteristic of our own eCommerce platforms is their ease of use, both for managers and for customers. Being equipped with many functional features, this Cube represents the best service for the creation of an eCommerce platform, where nothing is left to chance.

    What’s a %COM

    Visit this website to see an example of %COM eCommerce Platform > Butcher eCommerce

    Start now, never look back

    %COM represents a powerful tool that grants both users and managers the opportunity to always make dynamic purchases and sales. Payments, promotions, loyalty and security sections are just some of the strengths of this specific web process. This Cube has been designed for those who need to sell their products in total security and in a extremely functional platform. Those who choose %COM have understood how much potential online commerce can have and they are ready to exploit it by purchasing this package.