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Our experts will follow you step by step, analyzing your digital situation in order to formulate the best marketing solution to undertake based on the product sector, the business context and specific business needs.

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Are you a client? Write an email to studios@langa.tv to present your wishes.

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See more about programs available.

If your business has received a Hello presentation letter to participate in a Cultural Program or if your project has received an honorable mention, contact your ambassador or visit the dedicated page to get in touch with us.

* at the moment only on Italian country.


Always looking for different ideas.

If you want send your availability on one of our job application, use the only way to archive your CV, directly on hey.langa.tv or visit the Collaborators section. If you use other emails or contact methods you may not receive a response.


Here are our main operational offices.

Some of our operational spaces where you can meet your business.


Administrative and managerial center
Piazza IV Novembre, 4 (MI) 20124


Operational headquarters Northwest
Corso Bra, 37 Alba (CN) 12051
+39 0173 280479


Showcase point
Piazza Europa, 20 (CN) 12100


Consulting office Northeast
Rua Sovera, 5 (BS) 25122
In allestimento

New York

Consulting switchboard
Manhattan Zone 01 U.S.A.
+1 (646) 755 3939

Other points

Meet a consultant in a remote appointment, physically in a LANGA Store or virtually on galaxy.langa.tv. Book your appointment by sending an email to studios@langa.tv

otherwise don’t break our balls 

otherwise don’t break our balls 

otherwise don’t break our balls 

otherwise don’t break our balls 

otherwise don’t break our balls