During the Rendering Course, the necessary foundations will be laid for the correct positioning of the overall lights, cameras, shadows and objects textures

3D rendering
Level 1
  • Introduction to rendering
  • Softwares
  • From the 3D model to the render phase
  • Mapping, shading and lighting
  • Render in a closed ambience
  • Render objects and interior furnishings
  • Outdoor spaces, rendering
  • Architectural details
  • Use of lights and reflexes

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  • Introduction to renderingwe will examine the technologies suitable for creating 3D rendering projects
  • Softwareswe’ll concentrate on the softwares that are normally used for this purpose, describing its main features and characteristics
  • From the 3D model to the render phasemove from a “raw” but already three-dimensional model to the rendering phase will be the center of this module
  • Mapping, shading and lightingthe techniques for creating textures and bump mapping within the rendering process will be analyzed, together with shadow and lights management
  • Render in a closed ambiencethe main rendering techniques of closed spaces will be introduced
  • Render objects and interior furnishingsthe rendering of what is inside the spaces is fundamental to increase realism. In this module we will understand how to deal with the different materials and the most common objects
  • Outdoor spaces, renderingthe main techniques for rendering outdoor spaces will be introduced
  • Architectural detailsthe architectural details of the buildings -and not only- are among the things that catch the eye mainly in a rendered project. For this we will explain how to do it in this module
  • Use of lights and reflexeseverything is indispensable within an external environment, which is why in the last section we will focus on the rendering of these fundamental aspects


  • Knowledgeto attend this course the participant must have a medium/high knowledge of the main features of a computer


  • Remotelessons held remotely between the teacher and a group of students via videoconference platform, live
  • Small groupface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a small group of people
  • Individualface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a single person together with the teacher

Methods and timing

  • Course duration4 hours
  • Activation30 days
  • ClassroomR2C room, with 16 seats and TV screen
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For individual modality, the dates are to be agreed after the purchase, based on calendar disponibilities. For group lessons, dates will be communicated after up to 30 days from your request, if the minimum number is matched.

Tipo di acquisto


For who

The course is suitable both for those who start from scratch with programs like 3dsMax, and for those who already have some knowledge but want to consolidate the method of mapping, shading and lighting by learning a working methodology focused on groups, components and layers.


For this course, modeling software indicated by the teacher will be used (such as, for example, SketchUp). The use of a laptop is indicated, without operating system preferences. The material for the exercises will be provided by the teacher. It is also recommended to have a notebook, a pen/pencil, an eraser and possibly a USB stick with you. All programs will be provided by the teachers. Paid programs will be provided as a trial version.

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Complete notions

The 3d rendering course, specially designed for architects, interior designers and students, has as its objective the creation of 3d rendering trying to speed up the realization times and to be able to obtain an excellent graphic result. The goal is to be able to make you create excellent 3d renderings, focusing on simplicity, speed of execution and on the main techniques of lighting and mapping of architectural scenes.

Learn the fundamentals of rendering

In this course, we will lay the foundations necessary for the correct positioning of the overall lights, cameras, shadows and textures of objects that have previously been modeled, by yourself or with one of our teachers.

General objects

In the first rendering module we will guide you to discover this world, starting together from simple 3D solids and ambients and managing lights and shadows in the specific softwares. This is the necessary starting point for anyone who wants to start rendering correctly.

Interior spaces rendering

During the Interior Rendering Level 1 course, interior themes will be developed with the related development of objects and complements of the overall 3D space. We will focus on particular items and specific workouts to start rendering our first views.

Exterior spaces rendering

During the Exterior Rendering Level 1 course, the themes of exterior will be developed with the related development for objects and overall accessories of the 3D space. We will examine the outdoor spaces together to understand what are the main things to observe in order to obtain good results and how the external light has an impact on our scenes.

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