Analysis tool connection

Access to powerful tools to monitor, analyze or measure your online presence. Connect your website to important and powerful platforms capable of helping you in understanding and ameliorating your website’s performances.

  • Real time management
  • Custom panel
Know best your website’s performances
  • Custom analysis and reports
  • Understand users’ behavior
  • Monitor clicks or conversions

E-mail reports
For data and results
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Analysis tool connection
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Business company, Medium/Big company

Commercial fields

Generic company

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What is it

This product extension adds some important features that will allow the Customer to learn the positioning of the conversions, the path that leads the customers to the end of the transactions and to obtain complete reports regarding site visits.

For who

This service is particularly suitable for customers who have purchased or have eCommerce platforms available.

What is it for

This tool is very useful for those who have at their disposal a complex and advanced web platform such as an eCommerce, since it allows you to monitor traffic on their website in a complete and detailed way and to obtain reports and complete analyzes on their users' conversions.

Get results. Plan your next tactics.

This product is essential for those that like numbers a lot. You will have all the tools you need to analyze your business data. Starting from there, you will be able to have a bigger picture of your website’s performances, and that will allow you to plan your next moves in a smarter way.

Complete information

You will get to know how users behave on your website, to monitor its activities thanks to machine learning functionalities. More than that, you will access some tools that give you the opportunity to measure your results and act through marketing tactics.

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