Learn to perform basic operations with your smartphone, know the main functions that you can find there and learn about its potential. This Dummy has been thought for a small group of people and it will be held with a LANGA qualified teacher.

  • Get to know your smartphone
  • Learn the basic functions
First approach with your smartphone
  • Android interface
  • System applications
  • Installing an app
  • Simplified mode

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  • Android interfacediscover the basic commands of the android interface, how to connect to a wifi from the home and how to recognize the icons of the drop-down menu
  • System applicationswe will introduce the 2 system apps Address Book and Messages to be able to save and view available contacts, make calls and send messages
  • Installing an appwe will see how to access the Play Store and search for an application of our interest, and finally install it
  • Simplified modewe will introduce the simplified mode to facilitate viewing or manage any difficulties with technologies inserted within Android: voice assistant, screen fonts, icon size and the like


  • Knowledgethe Customer is required to have a mobile phone with an Android operating system, no matter what version, because images and presentations will be provided to compensate for any discrepancies with the latest version


  • Small groupface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a small group of people

Methods and timing

  • Course duration1 hour
  • Activation30 days
  • ClassroomR2C room, with 16 seats and TV screen

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Business type

Private, Micro enterprise



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The dates will be communicated after up to 30 days from your request, if the minimum number is matched.

For who

This course is designed for those who have just bought a smartphone with Android OS and need to know its main functions, as they have never used it before.

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Start your adventure with your phone

In this course we will face the Android interface. We will discover how to use a modern smartphone, from simple operations such as calls and SMS to carrying out more complex operations.

Master your smartphone

This course will help you use your Android device. You will learn the main functions that you can use to simplify your daily life, both personal and working. Participants in each group will be guided step-by-step in learning and supported by concrete examples and non-technical language that make this course accessible to all.

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