Business cards creation

Business cards are still one of the most effective tools for making a customer or contact easily remember you and your brand. We’ll give you the tool that you needed to present yourself in style.

  • Show yourself in style
  • Different formats
  • Quality paper supports
Activities that need a quick presentation
  • Well-studied graphics
  • Recognizable design
  • Printing advice

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Final report e-mail
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Business cards creation
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Business card design

  • Output fileraster
  • Number of designs1
  • Demochoice between 3 proposals
  • Texts and dataprovided by the customer
  • Softwaregraphic elaboration
  • FontsGoogle fonts


  • Graphic designers1x


  • Quantity250 business cards
  • Revisionwe’ll take care of preliminary print advices and revision, once the design is completed
  • Print format
    • 8,5 x 5,5 cm
    • 5,5 x 8,5 cm
    • 5,5 x 5,5 cm

Print materials

  • Demi-mattWood-free matt white coated paper with good durability. It enhances the quality of photographic images, marking the details and the sharpness of the texts. Weight 350g
  • High thickness400gr cardboard with a coated surface on both sides, ideal for optimal image rendering. Its high rigidity ensures resistance over time, ensuring elasticity avoiding the risk of breakage
  • Soft-touchExclusive Soft Touch plasticized paper with a velvety touch effect. Wood-free, resistant to aging, it enhances the original colors obtaining the best results in all products. Weight 350g

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teamfinal report e-mail
  • SupportFAQ section in Help. platform
  • Renewalnot renewable
  • Service activation10 days
  • Delivery in20 days
Business cards creation
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Additional information

Business type

Micro enterprise

Commercial fields

Generic company

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What is it

Creation of a design for business cards, with the possibility to get them printed thanks to our trusted collaborators.

For who

Useful to every entity that need a fresh new design for a business card.

What is it for

This service allows to get a design for a new business card to be chosen among 3 different proposals.

Business cards creation
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If you want to leave a mark and make a customer/supplier easily remember yourself, here’s a good way to do so. We will create your business card giving it the style you love, so that your contacts will be impressed from the first touch. We care about making your information readable and highlighted.

Ready for printing

You can decide whether or not to leave the printing service to us, but even if we will not take care of it, we will provide you with all the specific details to have a good printing and, if you have a trusted printer, we will be directly in touch with him to discuss the printing details. Our work is centered on the graphic design but we will develop it so that it won’t need pre-printing adjustments.

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