This service consists of adding a Calendar section to your website. This addition is particularly useful especially if the customer needs to frequently insert events or dates to remember that are easily visible on their platform.

  • Keep an eye on your events
  • Add bookings with checkout
  • Keep your visitors updated
Companies that organize multiple events
  • Manage your dates
  • Mark special events
  • Keep track of everything

E-mail communications
For updates
Final report
Tech support
Dedicated FAQ section

Calendar panel
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Calendar creation

  • Web designcoordinated with the existing structure
  • Caledar formattailored to the website’s layout
  • Managementintegrated panel into user’s area
  • Applicationthis service can only be applied to a website purchased from LANGA

Calendar placement

  • Only backofficethe calendar will be shown only in the backoffice area with no interaction with website’s visitors
  • Backoffice + front-endvisitors can see the calendar and interact with it, with or without payment options


  • Web designers1x

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teamfinal report e-mail
  • SupportFAQ section in Help. platform
  • Renewalnot renewable
  • Service activation15 days
  • Delivery in45 days

Legal information

  • Management costthe inclusion of this tool on a website could vary the annual maintenance cost of the application on which it will be inserted
Calendar panel
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Additional information

Business type

Business company, Medium/Big company

Commercial fields

Generic company

Tipo di acquisto


What is it

This service allows you to add a manageable calendar, it can be only on backoffice area or it can be shown to your website's visitors, according to your preferences.

For who

This service is intended for those who need to mark events, services or manage bookings on their website.

What is it for

It is mainly used to show all the scheduled events, to make people register for events and eventually pay with a checkout option if the event requires a ticket.

Manage every event.

You have an agenda that is always full and you want to manage all of your dates, events and deadlines on your own website. Thanks to this tool, we will implement a Calendar section, beautifully integrated in your website design, to give you the right tool you need.

Everything, organized.

Nothing is left to chance. Your calendar will be easily manageable through your private administrative panel. If you are a distracted person, you can give color taxonomies for each event, in order to have everything organized and well visible.

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