Customized courses

The digital courses are specially adapted to you, to your cultural needs. If you decide to start the LANGA Academy path, you can take care of your personal training directly and you will always be followed by the Academy teachers.

A new way of learning
  • Program chosen by our teaching team
  • Possibility of night stay
  • Face-to-face lessons in our Studios

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    Customized courses
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    • Activationthis Course will be activated once the minimum number of participants is reached, to ensure a better learning process
    • Datesthe dates will be defined by the teaching team, after reaching the correct participants number
    • Without night stayonly the learning program will be charged, the overnight stay is paid by the participants
    • With night staystudents will be hosted in one of our affiliated structures, located in the center of Alba, Italy, from which it is possible to easily reach the venue of the course
    • Locationall courses will be held at the LANGA Studios in Alba, Italy


    • Courseseach participant will be able to fill in a form in which to indicate his preferences for the learning program, the teaching team will then draw up the complete program for the benefit of all participants
    • Lessonsparticipants will be included in a training program within the production process of LANGA Studios, to have the direct experience of a strong and competent digital reality


    • Small groupface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a small group of people

    Methods and timing

    • Course duration15 days
    • Minimum number6 people for activation
    • Daily timings4 hours per day, in the morning or in the afternoon, following the teachers’ program
    • Activation30 days
    • ClassroomR2A room, with 6 advanced terminals
    Customized courses
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    Additional information

    Business type

    Business company, Medium/Big company



    Commercial fields

    Generic company

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    For who

    LANGA Academy is reserved for those looking for something more than joining many people in a classroom and hearing a standardized lesson. This program is aimed at those looking for a learning path in which the dimension is always customizable, and has been specifically designed to put the user at the center of the learning experience.

    Customized courses
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    Take your learning path to the next level

    This service is dedicated to a small group of people who have decided to increase their skills by focusing on a specific or different branches of the digital arts. With LANGA Academy interdisciplinary courses in web design, programming, graphics or video shooting, from scratch up to our highest level, can be addressed. Thanks to the flexibility of the LANGA qualified teachers, each discipline can be studied individually and then studied the fusion with the others.

    The most complete solution

    The Academy is a training program completely disconnected from the Courses. This is because it is a different type of training, set on a gradual path that consists of daily lessons during the week together with teachers who will be with the group for the duration of the learning path.