Dynamic website restyling

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This restyling service allows the customer to give a fresh new look to a dynamic website done with us in the past, with the addition of rotating contents and style interventions.

  • No data loss with intervention
  • No additional renewal costs
  • Company photos included
  • Full focus on your front-end and back-end
Trusted customers for a changing website
  • Get a new aesthetic look
  • Impress new visitors
  • Up to 6 interventions per year

E-mail reports
Updates about the project
Every month
Tech support
Quick chat intervention

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Dynamic website restyling
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  • Intervention
    • layout modifications
    • new web graphic creations
    • portfolio section refresh up to 20 new products
  • Applicationsthis product can be applied to a Dynamic website purchased with LANGA
  • Technologiesaesthetic interventions
  • Photos
    • photographic service at the company for structure, staff and product macro categories. A separated quote must be made for travel, room and board of the photographic team
    • technical post-production for images provided by the customer
    • web integration


  • Front-end developers1x
  • Content managers2x
  • Photographers1x


  • Time amountyou can activate a Spray for a dynamic website within 3 years from its delivery. When you overcome that limit, you will not be able to apply a Spray.
  • RenewabilityOnce the Spray has been completed and delivered, you can activate another one within 3 years from the delivery date.

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teammonthly report e-mails
  • Renewalthis service can be purchased up to a maximum of 6 times/year
  • Service activationdepending on the number and complexity of the restyling interventions
  • Delivery in60 days

Legal information

  • For propertyapplicable to items purchased with proprietary rights
  • For rentapplicable to items with a rental purchase method
Dynamic website restyling
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Additional information

What's this

The Spray service allows you to obtain layout or graphic changes on a dynamic website purchased from LANGA.

For who

The service is intended for all those who want to obtain a variable and modular site over time.

What is it for

This restyling service allows the customer to get a breath of fresh air for their site up to a maximum of 6 times.


Spray by Studios

Dynamic website restyling
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Change your website’s clothes.

Buy the Spray dedicated to dynamic websites, to revolutionize your platform from a design point of view. Thanks to this specific Spray product, you will be able to have the graphic and functional contents of your dynamic website reworked by our team of web designers.

It’s your website. But new.

You won’t loose any of the data you have in your website, unless you want to. We will create a whole new aspect for your website, with the frequency you wish. In fact, you can choose the renewal plan of your dynamic website, consisting of 2, 4 or 6 interventions in a year, depending on how dynamic you want it to be.

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