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This is the perfect service for those who are already familiar with online presentations, and seek for a more in-depth exposure level, with eye-catching design and great performances. In fact, %WEB allows the user to manage interactive dynamic sections, such as blogs, maps, calendars, timeline, chat and reviews.

Professionals and companies for management
  • All features from %ONE
  • Dynamic portfolio included
  • Adaptive web design
Who need to control his content
  • User editor profile
  • Training for sections management

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    Dynamic website
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    Website development

    • Front-end layoutcustomized according to the characteristics of the company, for a presentation of the products/services provided
    • Colorssolid, soft and dynamic
    • Mediaraster and vector with jpg, png, pdf, ico, static svg and dwg
    • Internal structurevia composer
    • Textsprovided by the customer
    • Duplicationweb structure management for a foreign language
    • Functions
      • blog section
      • contact form
      • search bar
      • social share
    • Photos
      • images provided by the customer
      • technical post-production
      • photographic service at the company for structure, staff and product macro categories. A separated quote must be made for travel, room and board of the photographic team
      • web integration
    • FontsGoogle fonts and custom fonts
    • Codehtml5, css3, php and javascript
    • Stylecreative, modern, formal
    • Items
      • image slider
      • image gallery
      • portfolio section with categorized ajax filtering up to 50 products
      • SEO data structure
      • Google Maps integration
      • Google My Business card creation
      • automatic e-mail creation and thank you page for website form

    E-mail technologies

    • E-mail creationup to 10 mailboxes
    • Outgoing e-mailsup to 150/hr per domain
    • Securityantivirus and spam filter
    • Interventionremote or direct control
    • Assistancephone or app assistance


    • Updatesrefurbishing operation through the Spray for total restyling or minor updates via technical intervention


    • Front-end developers2x
    • Photographers1x

    Hardware & software

    • IT systemhost on dedicated srv space
    • Domain1 for 1 application
    • Space
      • 5GB for application
      • 1GB for e-mails
    • SoftwareWordPress CMS or Drupal CMS
    • vCPU1
    • vRAM1GB
    • I/O1024KB/s
    • Inode250.000
    • Control toolcPanel
    • Managed tools
      • file management
      • backup up to 30 days
      • rewrite for hide code
      • mail forwarding server
      • web url redirects
      • automatic replies
      • e-mail filters
      • php MyAdmin
      • MySQL database
      • Cloudflare
      • CSS and Js minify
    • Manageable toolsaccess to the CMS for media management, post categories, promos and blog articles
    • Post-development assistance
      • e-mail configuration
      • automatic response programming
      • e-mail delisting

    Methods and timing

    • Communication with the teamdirect through face-to-face reviews, remote and via e-mail
    • Development, hardware, software and e-mailwithin the above listed parameters
    • Application managementissued in limited form to the customer for the website’s blog section management. The technical department will monitor for the resolution of any safety problem
    • Service activation30 days
    • Delivery in125 days

    Legal information

    • Cookiesdevelopment of a dedicated page and information banner insertion
    • Data treatmentinformation on the use of collected data provided by the customer
    • Responsible for processingLANGA
    • Propertythe work property is entitled to the client only
    • Rentthe client won’t have the exclusive rights on the work that has been developed, but a License of use will be issued
    Dynamic website
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    Additional information

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    Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm
    Business type

    Business company



    Commercial fields

    Generic company

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    What is it

    %WEB is a dynamic website, developed with a customized layout according to the company's characteristics, for an online presentation of the products/services, which is provided thanks to its integrated product portfolio section, enhanced with a categorized ajax filtering. The %WEB Cube also includes an interactive management section, directly delivered to the customer, thanks to which he can manage media, post categories, promos and blog articles.

    Who is it for

    We have studied our %WEB Cube so that it is the ideal product for those who are well aware of the potential of the web and intend to exploit it, paying attention to both technical and aesthetic details. %WEB is suitable for companies that need more than a simple presentation and that aim to amaze those who use their website through a functional, fast and highly graphic impact platform.

    What is it for

    Our %WEB dynamic website has been especially designed by LANGA so that it is a platform capable of presenting the Client's activity in style. It is not a simple online presentation, but it is a tool that offers a chance to show oneself to the public in a unique way.

    Dynamic website
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    2 reviews

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    David Marino
    David Marino
    15 November 2018

    Great job guys! Una vera conferma!!!

    16 November 2018

    Thanks for your review Mr. Marino, we appreciated it.

    Brandon L. Tran
    Brandon L. Tran
    17 April 2019

    They work well, plus their design choices are very original. I liked their approach.

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    Dynamic website, everything you need.

    Our dynamic websites are always developed with a customized layout, based on customer’s characteristics, with a product portfolio section with categorized filtering. But there’s more. An interactive management section for customer use, thanks to which he can manage media, post categories, promos and blog articles. Therefore, our dynamic website will be able to arouse strong emotions for its elements’ dynamism and its usability. Our %WEB has been specifically designed for all those companies that need to present themselves to their customers in style.

    Great news. You decide.

    For the development of the dynamic website, our technicians edit the code respecting the trending design standards and always submitting the result to the customer’s judgment. By purchasing this Cube, our customers wish not only to increase their brand/product’s presentation quality, but also to indipendently manage some sections. It is usually indicated for business entities or similar that operate in the name of business.

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