eCommerce platform restyling

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An intervention to update the contents of an eCommerce website, to help you and your customers close as many virtual carts. Have your eCommerce platform implemented with the latest technologies on the market in order to make it more usable and accessible for your customers.

  • Add new promo landing pages
  • Add new products with our team
  • Photos addable for new products
eCommerce owners for a new style
  • Add and modify your contents
  • New face for your %COM
  • Attract new customers
  • Up to 12 interventions per year

E-mail reports
Updates about the project
Every month
Tech support
Direct channel with the team
Face-to-face revisions
Let’s talk about it
3 meetings

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eCommerce platform restyling
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  • Intervention
    • layout modifications
    • new graphic creations
    • new products addition
  • Applicationsthis product can be applied to an eCommerce platform purchased with LANGA
  • Technologiesno structure changes
  • Photos
    • photo shooting for 50 products. The products can be sent to the Italy-based technical team, or a separated quote must be made for travel, room and board of the photographic team
    • technical post-production for images provided by the customer
    • integration of the photographed products in the web layout


  • Back-end developers1x
  • Web architects1x
  • Photographers1x


  • Time amountyou can activate a Spray for an eCommerce platform within 4 years from its delivery. When you overcome that limit, you will not be able to apply a Spray.
  • RenewabilityOnce the Spray has been completed and delivered, you can activate another one within 4 years from the delivery date.

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teammonthly report e-mails
  • Renewalthis service can be purchased up to a maximum of 12 times/year
  • Service activationdepending on the number and complexity of the restyling interventions
  • Delivery in150 days

Legal information

  • For propertyapplicable to items purchased with proprietary rights
  • For rentapplicable to items with a rental purchase method
eCommerce platform restyling
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Additional information

What is it

The Spray service allows you to obtain layout, graphic or content changes on an eCommerce platform purchased from LANGA.

For who

This service is intended for all those who want to get a new look for their eCommerce platform, or want to trust our technical team for the insertion of new products

What is it for

This restyling service allows the customer to get a fresh air breath for their website, up to a maximum of 12 times.


Spray by Studios

eCommerce platform restyling
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A new ambience for your products

You purchased an eCommerce platform but you don’t like the idea that its structure is always the same for months and months, or maybe even years. With this Spray product you will be able to keep your eCommerce pages constantly updated, thanks to the intervention of our web design, graphics and programming departments.

Give a twist to your eCommerce

This service is intended for all those who want to get a variable and modular eCommerce platform, that can meet the customers’ needs over time, and add new products every now and then with the professional aid of our Shop managers. Choose the renewal plan of your eCommerce site, consisting of 2, 4, 6, 10 or 12 interventions in a year.

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