First steps with Wordpress

WordPress feeds a staggering amount of websites, over 35% of the entire network. In this course we will lay the foundations for understanding and using it.

  • Begin your path towards your website
  • Learn the basic functions
Introduction to WP
  • Installation and first settings
  • Articles and pages management
  • Media library management
  • Tags and categories

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First steps with WordPress
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  • Installation and first settingswe will learn how to install WordPress and set the basic settings, taking a tour of all the functions that every user needs to know from the beginning
  • Articles and pages managementthe pages and articles, the real heart of this platform, are easy to manage if you know the right tools, we will teach you to know how they work and the tools to modify them
  • Media library managementcorrectly managing the media within WordPress is essential to have a performing site also loaded with images. In this module we will learn how to best control the media section
  • Tags and categoriesto get into a good SEO perspective from the beginning, we will illustrate the importance and learn to master the first tools to give basic indexing to contents


  • Knowledgeto best attend this course, the only thing required is a great passion.


  • Remotelessons held remotely between the teacher and a group of students via videoconference platform, live
  • Small groupface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a small group of people
  • Individualface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a single person together with the teacher

Methods and timing

  • Course duration2 hours
  • Activation30 days
  • ClassroomR2C room, with 16 seats and a TV screen
First steps with WordPress
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Additional information

Business type

Micro enterprise, Business company



Commercial fields

Generic company

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For individual modality, the dates are to be agreed after the purchase, based on calendar disponibilities. For group lessons, dates will be communicated after up to 30 days from your request, if the minimum number is matched.

For who

These lessons are recommended for those who have no experience in creating websites and want to gradually approach the WP platform.


The use of a laptop is indicated for this course, without operating system preferences. The material for the exercises will be provided by the teacher. It is also recommended to have a notebook, a pen/pencil, an eraser and possibly a USB stick with you.

Remember that it is strictly forbidden to record the lessons of the courses with your own instruments: as it was specified before, all the useful material – if necessary – will be available in the personal area on the Course platform. It should also be noted that any device (mobile phone, tablet …) other than those useful for the Course must be kept off during class time.

First steps with WordPress
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Know the #1 platform in the world

Why Choose WordPress? And why did so many people choose it? Most likely, if you are thinking about creating a new website, you are looking around and wondering if WordPress is right for you. To make the decision you will evaluate many points and some of these are really important and will determine your choice.

A complete introduction

With this theoretical course you will learn about the main tools to be used within the WordPress platform to have a complete culture of its primary features. Starting from the basics, even the most complex-looking things will prove to be much easier to deal with.

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