Google Ads campaigns

This service is intended for customers who wish to expand their online visibility through this well-known Google platform, but first they consider it necessary for a team of professionals to take charge of the management. The Campaign Specialist is within the LANGA Team. He will set and monitor the campaign objectives.

  • Professional Campaign managers
  • An expert Ads team
Big companies with will to improve
  • Show into web searches
  • Catch new contacts and customers
  • Strong advertising presence

E-mail reports
Growth updates
Each month
Tech support
Direct line on our platform

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Google Ads campaigns
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  • Advantages
    • Promotional contents
    • Increase contacts
    • Attract new customers
    • Increase visibility
  • Service limitationsup to 5 ad campaigns
  • Preparationfor particular requests or for any doubts that you may have before purchasing this service, we suggest you to activate a Hourly consulting with one of our specialists that will guide you through your choice

Campaign details

  • Ad groupsEach ad group is composed by 3 different ads. you can set up campaigns with 1, 3 or 5 ad groups.
  • Search campaignSearch campaigns allow you to place ads across Google’s vast network of search results. You can show ads to people actively searching online for your products and services.
  • Display campaignDisplay ads are particular advertisements that are shown on articles, videos, or websites browsed by consumers.
  • Video campaignVideo campaigns allow you to reach and engage audiences on YouTube and through Google video partners.


  • Campaign specialists1x
  • Campaign managers1x

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teamMonthly reports
  • Renewalnot renewable
  • Service activation12 days
  • Delivery in60 days
Google Ads campaigns
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Additional information

Business type

Business company, Medium/Big company

Commercial fields

Generic company

Tipo di acquisto

Management plan

What is it

This service allows LANGA to use the Google Ads tool to set or manage the client's campaigns. Our Campaign Managers will give their professional advice to help in finding the best solution and strategies.

For who

This service refers to realities with a good web base that are ready to invest in addition to normal tools. LANGA will make available the two key figures responsible for this service, namely Campaign Manager and Campaign Specialist, who will set and monitor the campaign objectives, and consequently evaluate the strategy best suited to the type of product and the different campaign, with the aim of maximizing conversions, clicks and share of impressions.

What is it for

The main purpose of an Ads campaign is to increase the conversions of your website to increase the contacts, segmented by type, gender, age and geolocation. This means that with Ads it is possible to set up different types of campaigns, aimed at various targets.

Trust a professional team.

Google Ads is perhaps the most powerful sponsorship tool on the market today. Over the years it has been updated to become a powerful, but at the same time very complex system, also implementing some algorithms for Artificial Intelligences. This service allows to set up to a maximum of 2 campaigns. Static, dynamic and/or display ads can be created, depending on the type of product/service to be sponsored, on the advice of the Campaign Manager. The ads you create will be distributed across different types of campaigns, such as Search campaigns or Smart campaigns.

Create your Ads campaigns

Google Ads allows you to sponsor visits to pages of the site, in different forms. This service combines the creation and setting of two campaigns with 2 ad groups each, capable of providing long-term benefits. We remind you that the cost of this service only covers the set up of Ads campaigns and not the actual cost of the campaigns.

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