Hourly consulting

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We make custom quotations to help you choose the right digital path for your business. We propose our recipe, you will choose whether to cook it or not.

  • Experts for your field
  • Plan with us your strategy
Companies that search professional advice
  • Dedicated marketing consultant
  • Deep market analysis
  • Study tailored to your business sector

Remote approach
Fix a meeting with us
Choose when
E-mail reports
Everything we talked about
If requested

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Hourly consulting
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  • Call onlywe’ll arrange a meeting with one of our consultants to give you professional advice for your needs
  • With reportwe’ll arrange a meeting with one of our consultants to give you professional advice for your needs, once finished our technician will resume everything in an e-mail
  • Technical figurewill be chosen based on the client’s requests
  • Duration1 hour meeting. To make it last longer, simply purchase the product multiple times

Management office

  • Ideatorcreative person that oversees the team that has to find new ideas for different applications
  • Chief design officerresponsible for overseeing all design and innovation aspects of a company’s products and services, including product design, architectural design, graphic design, user experience design, industrial design, and package design
  • IT Programmertechnical figure who, through the relative programming phase, translates or encodes the solution algorithm of a given problem in the source code of the software to be executed by a computer
  • Designerplans the look or workings of something prior to it being made, by preparing drawings or plans

Graphic technical figures

  • Graphic designerthey work on the interpretation, ordering and presentation of visual messages
  • Illustratorspecialized in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation for an idea
  • Photographerspecialized and trained photography expert
  • Art designerspecialized technician for artistic ideations for new concepts

Web technical figures

  • Web designerresponsible for the visual aspect of a web page with knowledge of markup languages such as HTML and CSS
  • Frontend developertechnician that converts data to a graphical interface, through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Backend developerweb technicians specialized in server side coding
  • Shop managertechnician specialized in online shop management and commercial logics

Design technical figures

  • Web architectresponsible for structural and architectural composition for pages and links flow
  • Interior designertakes care of functional design and the effective use of space, working directly with architects, engineers and contractors
  • Architectplans, designs and oversees the construction of buildings or spaces
  • Renderistrealizes 3d renderings through hand sketches or through the use of technical drawings provided by the customer
  • Art directorsupervises the design department, sets guidelines for layout, font, colors and images
  • Foremantechnical figure who is in charge of a construction crew

Video technical figures

  • Cameramenprofessional operator of a film camera or video camera as part of a video production crew
  • Video editorhe deals with combining shots into sequences, as well as the addition of accompanying sound effects and music
  • Video post-producertechnical figure in charge of image enhancement and shots management
  • Copywriterdeals with writing texts for advertising projects, videos and texts for editorial parts
  • Voice actorperforms voice-overs to represent a character or provide information to an audience
  • Coloristcorrects the overall color of video images and scenes, so that everything appears more balanced
  • Audio editortechnical figure that deals with audio post-production and editing
  • Music composerwho writes music in any form, with different genres and moods
  • Musicianperson who conducts or performs music

Commercial figures

  • Marketing specialistdeals with developing marketing and communication plans for companies that request his intervention
  • ADV Expertcommercial figure that deals with advertisement campaigns, both online and offline
  • Seo specialistcreates paths within a site to optimize the on-site positioning factors and improve the positioning, traffic and correct interpretation of the site by search engines
  • Social media managerin charge of managing marketing and advertising on social channels by planning, strategy and goal setting
  • Campaign specialisttechnical figure dealing with CPC campaigns setting and management
Hourly consulting
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Business type

Business company, Medium/Big company




Agribusiness, Design, Handicraft, Industry, Logistic, Medical, Services, Turism

Commercial fields

Generic company

What is it

Book a hour of dedicated consulting session with one of our experts.

What is it for

Receive professional consulting for your business, tailored to your needs. Expose your problems and your dedicated figure will help you in find the best possible solution.

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Hourly consulting
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3 reviews

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3 out of 3 (100%)
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Sharon W. Smith
Sharon W. Smith
4 September 2018

I would recommend it. They are good in understanding your situation and giving you the best advice.

Scott C. Thomas
Scott C. Thomas
28 March 2020

Very competent and kind operator. He has advised several things, not only about his company, they have an open mind.

David E. Caballero
David E. Caballero
11 May 2021

They speak English.

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Choose to listen.

We are made up of a large number of professionals who will help you find the solution you are looking for. We decide to dedicate ourselves entirely to our customers, in order to give them the best advice. You just have to select your sector and we will field our experts. We don’t like to rush things, we take the time we need to study, talk and plan our actions together with you.

Analysis and knowledge.

We approach specific sectors thanks to benchmarks and market analysis. In this way we are constantly updated on the progress of each sector and we know the right steps to take to develop the most suitable consulting service for you. We want to be 7th gear for your business to help you move forward and grow.

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