Introduction to the audio world

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Audio recording is useful today in many different contexts, and we are in a historical moment in which (not only for this area) professional instruments are on the market and within everyone’s reach.

  • Get started into the audio world
Audio recordings
  • Short introduction
  • Soundproof
  • Vocal preparation
  • Tools
  • Various and any

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Introduction to the audio world
97,60170,80 ALL TAX INCLUDED


  • Short introductionhistorical excursus on audio recording, talking about the evolution of tools and techniques, and explaining how today it is possible to make professional sound recordings even from home
  • Soundproof the environmenthow do you get a sound without that annoying reverberation that often allows us to understand nothing? Thanks to correct soundproofing work. We will discover tools and techniques to achieve this result
  • Vocal preparationbefore starting any type of recording it is advisable to prepare yourself “physically”. Starting recording without proper voice heating could lead to unpleasant inconveniences. We will explain the methods to avoid them and prepare you better
  • Toolshow do you register? With what kind of microphone? With what programs? Do you need a mixer? The answers to these and other questions reside in the last module of this Course, where the teacher will explain how to orient oneself in this area


  • Knowledgeto attend this course the participant is required to have knowledge of the main functions of a PC, and to be able to easily browse the Internet


  • Remotelessons held remotely between the teacher and a group of students via videoconference platform, live
  • Small groupface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a small group of people
  • Individualface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a single person together with the teacher

Methods and timing

  • Course duration2 hours
  • Activation30 days
  • ClassroomR2C room, with 16 seats and a TV screen
Introduction to the audio world
97,60170,80 ALL TAX INCLUDED

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For individual modality, the dates are to be agreed after the purchase, based on calendar disponibilities. For group lessons, dates will be communicated after up to 30 days from your request, if the minimum number is matched.

For who

These lessons are aimed at those who are interested in deepening the world of audio techniques to acquire new skills.


For this course, the use of a laptop is indicated, without operating system preferences. The material for the exercises will be provided by the teacher. It is also recommended to have a notebook, a pen/pencil, an eraser and possibly a USB stick with you. All programs will be provided by the teachers. Paid programs will be provided as a trial version.

Introduction to the audio world
97,60170,80 ALL TAX INCLUDED

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Give voice to your needs.

Voice recording is now possible via any smartphone, but how do you get a professional result, without relying on a studio, but directly from your own home? In this basic level course you will be introduced to the main bases for an audio recording that stands out from the amateur level, which will surprise your listeners.

Get inside the sound.

The aim of this Course is to provide an introduction that will guide the participant within this world, providing concepts and bases for properly starting their journey within the world of audio recording. We will focus mainly on voice recording, talking about all the stages, from preparation to the equipment to be adopted.