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One of the best Cubes. Our showcases websites have been specifically designed for all those small businesses that wish to have a simple and pleasant online presentation. Our selected team will create a small and detailed website for your activity, ensuring an always professional presentation at any time and on any device.

Small activities for amazing presentation
  • Web exposure for your brand
  • Full responsive application
  • Competitor analysis
  • Static portfolio addable

E-mail reports
Update about the project
Every month
For your workflow timeline
Tech support
Priority line with the technical team

TheCubes circuit
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Showcase website
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Front-end layout

  • Front-end layoutsimple and essential, to best represent the client’s web identity
  • Colorssmooth, vivid and bright
  • Mediaraster with jpg, png, pdf and ico
  • Internal structurevia code or composer
  • Textsprovided by the customer
  • Photos
    • images provided by the customer
    • technical post-production
    • publication in the web page
  • FontsGoogle fonts
  • Codehtml5, css3 and javascript
  • Items
    • image slider
    • image gallery
    • compilation of snippets for seo
    • SEO data structure
    • static portfolio
    • Google Maps integration
    • Google My Business card creation

Hardware & software

  • IT systemcloud hosting
  • Domain1 for 1 application
  • Space
    • 2GB for application
    • 1GB for e-mails
  • SoftwareSite template or WordPress CMS
  • vCPU1
  • vRAM1GB
  • I/O1024KB/s
  • Inode250.000
  • Control toolcPanel
  • Managed tools
    • file management
    • backup up to 10 days
    • rewrite for hide code
    • mail forwarding server

E-mail technologies

  • E-mail creationup to 5 mailboxes
  • Outgoing e-mailsup to 50/hr per domain
  • Securityantivirus and antispam
  • Interventionphone or app assistance


  • Updates or expansionrefurbishment operation through the Spray for total restyling, minor updates via technical intervention or upgrade via the %SMART Cube.


  • Graphic designers2x
  • Web designers1x

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teamremote and via e-mail
  • Development, hardware, software and e-mailwithin the above listed parameters
  • Application managementour technical department is in charge for the resolution of any security problem
  • Service activation20 days
  • Delivery in90 days

Legal information

  • Cookiesdevelopment of a dedicated page and insertion of the information banner
  • Data treatmentinformation on the use of collected data provided by the customer
  • Responsible for processingLANGA
  • Propertythe work property is entitled to the client only
  • Rentthe client won’t have the exclusive rights on the work that has been developed, but a License of use will be issued
Showcase website
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Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm
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Business company



Commercial fields

Generic company

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What is it

Through a simple and essential layout, the technical team in charge will be able to best represent the client's web identity, developing a showcase site based on a responsive structure to show %ONE websites on any type of device. The use of sliders and image galleries, the integration with Google maps and the compilation of snippets for the seo of the pages make this product the ideal web showcase for small businesses.

Who is it for

The %ONE showcase website was conceived and designed for those who, despite having a small business such as a shop or an association, particularly care about their commercial image and would like this to be shown on the web in the right way. With %ONE you can underline the peculiarities of your business in order to build a good image even online, without the need for special functions or features.

What is it for

%ONE is the starting point for an excellent online presentation, it's the most solid basis for a first approach to today's web world. Choosing %ONE means taking a step towards a different way of considering communication: the website is no longer a simple extra, but becomes one of the central and fundamental cores for defining the identity of your business.

The web basics

Our showcase websites have been specifically worked out for all those activities that need to have a new and beautiful online presentation. The code we develop for our showcase websites comes from years full of researches and experience, that led us to calibrate the right elements without omitting anything.

A simple showcase website

Developing the ideas that come from bigger departments has allowed us to show even the smallest things in the best way. We work everything into detail, in order to always give you a complete and functional product, always. We believe that lightness is the main characteristic of this Cube. Therefore, we chose to make our %ONE packages using few but important and consolidated technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Js. Our showcase websites are refined in every detail and ready for any resolution. We work the responsive design also in the rarest configurations, leaving you always prepared.

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