Organic voice plan

Thanks to this service, LANGA will be able to manage your organic campaigns for Facebook and Instagram pages. Trust our social experts for complete optimization and choose to trust us also for your blog management.

  • Organic campaigns
  • Traffic increase
  • Blog management possibility
Getting better on social media
  • Well-studied contents
  • Social layout optimization
  • Sharing and tag strategies

E-mail reports
Communicate with the team
For new files
Tech support
Direct chat support

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Organic voice plan
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Social media posting

  • Files type
    • jpg
    • png
    • gif
    • mp4
  • Files source
    • provided by the customer
    • created by the technical team
  • Textsprovided by the customer
  • PlatformsFacebook and Instagram
  • Followersequal or less than 3.000
  • Coveragecommunicated in the monthly reports
  • Frequencybased on communication needs


  • Social media managers1x

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teammonthly report e-mails
  • Renewalmonthly
  • Service activation10 days
  • Delivery in12 months
Organic voice plan
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Additional information

Business type

Business company

Commercial fields

Generic company

Tipo di acquisto

Management plan

What is it

With this service, our social media team will be able to manage organic campaigns for Facebook and Instagram pages, with the possibility to add a blog management service for users with a dynamic website.

For who

This service is intended for small-medium entities that want to grow on social media through organic strategies, with a followers volume equal or less than 3,000.

What is it for

By purchasing this service, our customers want to achieve a boost in their social media pages, by means of an organic strategy and without paying advertisement

For a constant growth.

If you want your social profiles to change their gear, then you will have to rely on special figures for the creation of an effective communication line. Our Social Media Management department does just that. To date, social channels are among the most used forms of communication, because they are very immediate and guarantee the possibility of addressing a very wide audience.

Quality first, always.

We must always be careful, because everything created for these platforms means that it is subjected to the immediate judgment from the users, who know how to recognize when the communication is well done or when it is only improvised. With this service, you can rely on our expert team for what concerns Facebook and Instagram, to change your communication style and to expand the number of your followers.

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