Security socket layer certificate

SSL certificates are small data files that digitally associate a cryptographic key with the details of an organization. The keys allow you to encrypt the communications between visitors and device with which they visit.

  • Green browser bar
  • Higher ranking
Reach a higher web authority
  • Control entities
  • Protection from phishing
  • Protection for domains and subdomains

E-mail communication
For updates
Final report e-mail
Tech support
Priority line support

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Security socket layer certificate
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Analysis and intervention

  • Domainsintervention on 1 domain and its subdomains
  • RedirectHttp to Https
  • Interventioncertificate setup and support
  • Warrantygreen bar on website
  • Applicationthis service can only be applied to a website purchased from LANGA.

Certificate type

  • OV certificateOrganization Validation certificate verifies the identity of the organization of the certificate applicant.
  • EV certificateAn Extended Validation Certificate is a certificate that proves the legal entity of the owner and is signed by a certificate authority key that can issue EV certificates.


  • Web developers1x

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teamfinal report e-mail
  • Supportpriority line in Help. platform
  • Renewalyearly for certificate validation
  • Service activation30 days
  • Delivery in30 days

Legal information

  • Management costthe inclusion of this tool on a website could vary the annual maintenance cost of the application on which it will be inserted
Security socket layer certificate
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Business company, Medium/Big company

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Generic company

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What is it

SSL certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure. An SSL certificate is a data file hosted in a website's origin server.

For who

Entities that need to increase their website's ranking.

What is it for

SSL certificates make SSL/TLS encryption possible, and they contain the website's public key and the website's identity, along with related information.

Organization Validation Certificate

OV certificates confirm your identity to your website’s visitors and makes them sure that they are not on a fake website. In fact, an OV SSL certificate displays a small green lock and the HTTPS prefix in the browser bar, assuring visitors that they are on an encrypted site.

Extended Validation Certificate

The EV Certificates (Extended Validation Certificate) are the highest in terms of legitimacy. There are different types of this type of guarantee, their price varies both on the guaranteed insurance basis and on the type of insurance brand. We have chosen an EV Certificate degree based on the experience accumulated over time. If you wish to increase its effectiveness contact Fast LANE directly. An institution or organization that intends to encrypt their site with an SSL certificate must go through a global authentication process in which the company’s properties are registered.