Settings for eFruit shop

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Be ready to sell on eFruit. Get help with our professional training or trust our technical department to set up the shop page and add the products, or take advantage of our advertising plan.

  • By eFruit Shop managers
Food activities with a profile on eFruit
  • Shop preparation
  • Information filling
  • Just think about selling

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Settings for eFruit shop
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What is it

This product is an extension of eFruit and it has been created to help eFruit users to get the best from their profile, by following a dedicated course or by trusting a technical team.

For who

All the users that have a profile on eFruit are entitled to buy this service.

What is it for

With this product, the customer can activate a dedicated course to know better their platform, their shop page and the main actions. Otherwise, it can be purchased to get help from a professional team for shop settings, for adding new products or for an internal advertisement campaign

Settings for eFruit shop
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1 review

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Amber D. Smith
Amber D. Smith
10 December 2020

Fortunately, they do everything themselves, so I dedicate myself only to selling 😀

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Learn, it’s easy.

Our account managers are ready to teach you how to configure your eFruit shop. You’ll just need an hour of your time to learn and master all the things you need to manage your shop page in eFruit. Guided by our expert figures, you will get all the useful notions that are requested for this particular platform, and you will be ready to sell your products.

We’ll do it for you.

Our technical department will help you in setting up the shop and insert your products. You’ll just have to give us the product details and we will set them up for you, always keeping in mind your style and your shop’s target, in order to have a well-studied commercial offer that could strike your potential customers, allowing you to increase your sales and your incomes.

We’ll spread the voice.

We can provide you with internal advertisement through the platform pages in order to make your activity stand up among the visitors’ minds. You’ll just have to concentrate on giving the best possible offer for your shop, and we will be your voice inside the platform.

Remember, eFruit subscription is free and it will always be.

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