Social media content plan

Do you want to get more from your social pages? Increasing interactions has never been easier, with our dedicated SMM team you will get the boost that you’re searching.

  • Sponsorship management
  • Content advice
  • Users management
A new communication
  • Posts scheduling
  • Increasing engagement
  • Graphic creations for social strategy
Contacts management
  • Comments and users management
  • Direct messages answering

E-mail reports
Monitor your results
Every month
Tech support
Priority line for quick assistance

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Social media content plan
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Social media campaigns

  • File types
    • jpg
    • png
    • gif
    • mp4
  • Files source
    • provided by the customer
    • created by the technical team
  • Textsby the editorial department
  • PlatformsUp to 3
  • Followersbetween 10,000 and 50,000
  • Sponsorshipcampaigns setting and management
  • Coveragecommunicated in the monthly reports
  • Frequencybased on communication needs


  • Social media managers1x
  • Graphic designers1x
  • Editors1x

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teammonthly report e-mails
  • Supportdirect communication channel on Help. platform
  • Renewalmonthly
  • Service activation10 days
  • Delivery in12 months


  • Competitor analysisanalysis of the social actions carried out by the customer’s main competitors to be able to develop a well-studied and competitive communication strategy
  • Graphic creationour graphic department will find the right image line for new posts, creating templates that suit to the developed strategy
  • Sponsorship managementwe will manage the paid sponsorship campaigns for your social channels. Our team will be able to advise you which content to highlight and which are the best times to do so. Remember that this service does not include the campaign budget
  • Messaging managementour technicians will be managing the private messages on your pages, responding to users who request information of any kind in a professional and comprehensive way
  • Messaging managementour team will also take care of manually monitoring user activity on your pages, responding to comments, interacting with users and, if necessary, removing users who create problems of any kind, such as posting comments with offensive and/or defamatory content
  • Post schedulingwe will develop a targeted programming of new posts, so that each publication is able to reach the maximum number of users possible
Social media content plan
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Additional information

Business type

Business company

Commercial fields

Generic company

Tipo di acquisto

Management plan

What is it

Our social media team will be activated to plan and organize campaigns and posting strategies and for setting up new sponsorship campaigns to help you increase your visibility on social media platforms.

For who

Our Social media content plan was studied and planned for all those realities with a well-built social media presence, that want to go viral with a strategy based on their needs.

What is it for

This service provides for the management of paid sponsorship campaigns, as well as the total reorganization of social pages and post scheduling. The SMM team will also take care of suggesting particular events to highlight based on the corporate identity.

Social media content plan
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A team of professionals.

Social interactions are the result of good use of social media. In fact, everything is based on a simple equation: the more engaging the posts, the more the audience will react positively. But what do you do when this is not enough?

Let’s go viral.

It seems obvious to say, but it is very simple: you have to “push” more. For this reason, our Social media management department has developed various tools and techniques, able to optimize the use of social networks thanks to the creation of an organic or paid sponsorship plan, customized according to your needs, aimed at increase interactions with the public.

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