Social media culture

In this course, the focus will be placed on the correct use of social media, starting from the theoretical foundations and retracing the history of the main social networks.

  • Learn more about social media
  • Know all the main functions
Social media world
  • Historical information
  • Use of hashtags
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Messaging
  • TikTok and the others

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Social media culture
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  • Historical informationhistory of the main social networks, on how they came to success and on how they changed their functionalities over time
  • Use of hashtagsnow spread across all types of platforms, they are an important tool for classifying your publications. We will explain how to use hashtags in the best and most effective way
  • Facebook and Instagramhistory and functions of the two main social media and how one took the other’s place over time
  • Twittercommunication in few steps: we will then talk about the concept of Tweet and the average user of this platform
  • Fast messagingwe will focus on the quick messaging apps, which have replaced SMS over time, and discover their basic operation
  • TikTok and the othersan in-depth study on TikTok, Discord, Reddit and all the platforms that are revolutionizing the social world


  • Knowledgeto attend this course, the participants are required to have a basic computer and internet knowledge


  • Remotelessons held remotely between the teacher and a group of students via videoconference platform, live
  • Small groupface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a small group of people
  • Individualface to face lessons held at the LANGA Studios for a single person together with the teacher

Methods and timing

  • Course duration2 hours
  • Activation30 days
  • ClassroomR2C room, with 16 seats and a TV screen
Social media culture
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For individual modality, the dates are to be agreed after the purchase, based on calendar disponibilities. For group lessons, dates will be communicated after up to 30 days from your request, if the minimum number is matched.

For who

In this course we want to address all those who are not very familiar with the social world and are however interested in learning more.


For this course we recommend you to bring a laptop, without operating system preferences. The material for the exercises will be provided by the Teacher. It is also recommended to have a notebook, a pen/pencil, an eraser and possibly a USB stick
It is also recommended to have at hand the access data of:
Number 1 Instagram account
Number 1 Facebook account
Number 1 Twitter account
previously created.
All programs will be provided by teachers. Paid programs will be provided in trial version.

Social media culture
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Enter the social media world.

In this course the focus will be placed on the correct use of social media, from the theoretical bases, retracing the history of the main social networks, and how in just under a decade they have become an integral part of the online presentation of an individual or an activity.

Renew your online self.

At the end of this course you will have learned the basis of proper social management on 3 test accounts that will be made available to you by the LANGA teacher. This will serve to allow you to touch, understand and deepen the powerful tools that are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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