From the creation of a storyboard, to shooting with professional equipment up to editing through graphic animation, compositing and editing programs, we will do our best to tell your story in a never seen before way.

Show your viewers a whole new point of view
  • Video organized by playlists
  • Tell your reality
  • Backstage videos for teasers
Make yourself known
  • Preliminary briefings
  • Storyboard design
  • Documentary-style editing
  • Distribution plan addable

E-mail reports
Updates and shooting schedule
Every month
For your workflow timeline
Tech support
Priority line and support page

Server farm
We retain your files
Project files stored for unlimited time

TheCubes circuit
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    • Clips and playlistscustomized to document the corporate identity and provide a calibrated video communication released over a period of time
    • Shooting techniqueswith shoulder cameras and equipment
    • Softwaresgraphic animation, compositing and video editing
    • Items
      • professional shooting
      • custom intro and outro
      • color correction application
      • visual effects creation
      • subtitling
      • soundtrack application
      • voice dubbing production
    • Editingrealization of different shots for formulation of the optimal result for final clips
    • Renderingfinal processing for production of the final clips
    • Web communicationsocial media and CPC plans addable for video promotion
    • Post-productionthrough color correction, light/shadow effects, perfect stabilization and blurring of all selected shots
    • Media releasededited audio, male voice over and video, ready for use


    • Cameramen1x
    • Video editors1x
    • Colorists1x
    • Copywriters1x
    • Social media specialists1x


    • Social media postingour social media team will create a scheduled plan for each video produced to give it a good organic traffic
    • Google Ads campaignswe will activate a CPC campaign to promote your videos and make them reach a larger public
    • Without distributionthe videos will be published on YouTube in 1 time without scheduled programming

    Methods and timing

    • Communication with the teamdirect during the intervention and via e-mail
    • Video productionwithin the above-listed parameters
    • Service activation25 days
    • Set up150 days

    Techniques and technologies

    • Camera typescalibrated on the different scenes and sequences
    • Equipment
      • freehand
      • tripods
      • slider
      • stabilizer
      • trolley with wheels
      • softbox, LED lamps and portable awning
    • Number of interventions4
    • Shooting tiime4 hrs
    • Locationup to 4 different locations chosen by the client. If the place is located outside the Italian territory, a separated quote must be made for travel, room and board of the photographic team.
    • Techniques
      • close up
      • arc shot
      • small shot
      • handheld shot
    • Applicable effects
      • typography
      • bicubic sampling
      • 3D fog
      • blurring control
      • merge
      • color balance
      • hue/saturation
      • time dilation
      • bulge
      • alteration
      • expression controls
      • fractal
      • simple reduction
      • matte reduction
      • explosion
      • foam
      • water waves
      • posterize
      • HDR
      • lightnings
      • drawn text
    • Playlists2 series, 4 series or single video
    • Clips3 for each playlist
    • Output file time1 to 2 mins for each video, 10 mins for the single video
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    Additional information

    Weight 0,5 kg
    Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm
    Business type

    Business company, Medium/Big company



    Commercial fields

    Generic company

    Type of purchase


    What is it

    %FILM is your video series, developed to document the identity of your company and provide a video communication divided into playlists and comprising up to 12 total episodes. From the creation of a storyboard, to shooting with professional equipment up to editing through graphic animation, compositing and editing programs, we will do our best to tell your story in a way never seen before.

    Who is it for

    %FILM is a Cube dedicated to those who decide to represent their business, a particular event or simply communicate a message in a professional and well-studied way, not only with a promotional purpose, but also aimed at thrilling the viewer. %FILM chooses those who basically want to displace the viewer, want to hit them with impactful images, with important and valuable messages. Those who choose %FILM have a great story to tell.

    What is it for

    Our %FILM service combines the perfect involvement of every video technique and tool that LANGA videomakers master, to get your perfect video product, a single video or a whole series that is able to convey your being and tell the story you have in mind. Strategy and creativity are two key elements to build a memorable story, which does not end when you finish the video: it continues to generate new values, even after some time.

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    Lights. Camera. Action.

    Every single %FILM service we take of is not a simple video filming, but a unique and emotional tale you will relate to. Our technical experts make the most of LANGA filming equipment and use the best software to edit each frame and we shape the best team ever to assist you step by step in your documentary movies. Strategy and creativity are two key elements to build a memorable story, which does not end when the video is used but which continues to generate value, even after some time.



    The videos we make with this Cube are in no way a standardized product. Forget “cold” configurators and depersonalized products. Our teams will study your activity, your values and your identity to develop a project that will be only yours.

    Your story, as never told before

    %FILM isn’t just a video series, it’s a journey through the magic and the art of telling a story, a concept that is thousands of years old but it has always known how to reinvent itself, in order never to become old-fashioned. We offer you the opportunity to tell your story under the supervision of a team of experts who, both behind the camera and in the editing room, will have only one task: to give life, colors, images and shapes to your story, because while remaining yours, with %FILM you become everyone. With this Cube you will have a specialized team of video makers who will create a sequence of micro videos, all in order that our social specialists can spread it on the web network to the target you indicated.

    Cameras, scenes and actors settings shown above isn’t a canonical %FILM