Video content plan

If you want to communicate with new public in a new way, this product may suit you. Video is perhaps the most direct communication technique around there. If you want to succeed, you can trust a professional team.

  • A video production schedule
  • Promote yourself through new videos every month
Attract new public and spread your voice on social media
  • Testimonial actor
  • Professional video setting
  • Social media sharing plan

E-mail communication
For updates
Monthly reports
Tech support
Dedicated FAQ section

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Video content plan
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Video content

  • Frequencyfrom 1 to 3 per month
  • Only videowe will create video contents starting from clips provided by the customer and/or stock premium videos and adding graphic content to them
  • Video with testimonialone among our actors will be your activity’s face, creating new original contents that attract viewers and involve them
  • Editingshots post-production and graphic additions such as titles, lower thirds and decoration elements
  • Output fileup to 5’00”, based on subject and communication needs
  • Postingvideos will be issued on your YouTube channel, on Vimeo and on Facebook Watch


  • Actors1x if selected
  • Video makers1x
  • Video editors1x

Methods and timing

  • Communication with the teammonthly report e-mails
  • Renewalmonthly
  • Service activation20 days
  • Delivery in12 months
Video content plan
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Additional information

Business type

Business company, Medium/Big company

Commercial fields

Generic company

Type of purchase

Management plan

What is it

Our video makers will create new contents every month to help you promote your brand with targeted videos.

For who

People that need new means to promote themselves around the web and the video platforms.

What is it for

Getting new content every month, up to 3 new videos per month, and reach new public through the most popular video channels.

There’s a crowd for you, out there.

Video marketing creates both informational and entertaining value, if well managed. There are billions of people watching videos all day, so there is a big chance that you will reach your prospects if you act correctly. Researchers say 59% of people prefer to watch videos instead of reading texts, which surely means that from teenagers to adults everyone is watching videos. They just need quality contents.

We’ll become your face.

You want to reach new people, but in a smart way and with a professional style. Our video department has teamed up with the social media division to bring up this product, that allows us to become your YouTube channel managers. We’ll create new video contents to communicate your company in a whole different way and applying an inbound marketing strategy, ready to entertain and at the same time inform your viewers.