Web content plan

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Periodically updating your website, thanks to our technical department that will take care of the management of the application contents. We will take control of your contents, for new files insertion or for scheduling new rotating promo contents.

Customers that need to keep their website active
  • Files and content submissions
  • Layout interventions
  • Follow your activity with new contents

E-mail reports
Communicate with the team
For new files
Dedicated App
For quick support

Do you need particular web rotation for your website?

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    Web content plan
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    • Files type
      • jpg
      • png
      • pdf
    • Files source
      • provided by the customer
      • created by the technical team
    • Optimizationtechnical optimization for the insertion on the web
    • Frequency1, 3 or 5 times per month
    • Insertionsactivation of the technical team to add files to the website


    • Web designers1x
    • Content managers1x


    • Only media insertioninsertion of web content, such as pdf documents or image files provided by the customer
    • Layout addingmodifications to be applied on a website’s layout, to change its exterior aspect
    • Manual promo web rotatingfor three or five times per month, our technicians will manually changes the contents inside your pages, to make their content more dynamic and diversified
    • Automatic promo web rotatingevery month, we will schedule three contents that will automatically rotate inside your website’s home or main page to keep them active. The contents will change three times per week, as our intervention will be one every month

    Methods and timing

    • Communication with the teammonthly report e-mails
    • Renewalmonthly
    • Service activation10 days
    • Delivery in12 months
    Web content plan
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    Additional information

    Business type

    Business company, Medium/Big company

    Commercial fields

    Generic company

    Tipo di acquisto

    Management plan

    What is it

    This service allows you to contact the LANGA technical team to make different types of intervention on your website, from one to three times per month.

    For who

    All those who have purchased a website from LANGA, but who either do not manage it, or do not have time to insert media or documents, or want to have a more active web presence, are interested in the service.

    What is it for

    This service allows you to have up to 5 interventions per month, including media insertion or rotating promo contents scheduling, on your website.

    Web content plan
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    1 review

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    Kenneth R. Allmon
    Kenneth R. Allmon
    29 November 2019

    The site changes every 3-4 days with new texts and contents!!! And thats not the blog section, its the pages!! Gg

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    Keep your website constantly updated.

    If you have purchased a website, but you do not have the possibility or you don’t have the knowledge and/or the time necessary to manage it at its best, LANGA is here for you, by creating a product that will help you to keep your website always updated with the help of a technical team always ready to act. Thanks to a direct communication channel with a manager, you can have the contents of your website managed by a team of professionals.

    New contents every day.

    The service is intended for all those who want to obtain a variable and modular site over time, with different contents that will rotate day by day on your pages, making your site alive and more interesting for your viewers. You can choose the frequency with which they will change, depending on how dynamic you want it to be.

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